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Winfiles Server

Saving to the Winfiles Server

When naming folders or documents, the following ‘illegal’ characters are not allowed:  ? [ ] / \ = + < > ; : “ , | * (question mark, left bracket, right bracket, forward slash, backslash, equals sign, plus sign, left angle bracket, right angle bracket, semicolon, colon, quotation mark, comma, pipe, and asterisk).

When saving documents to OR when creating new folders on OR when dragging existing documents/folders onto WinFiles, you are not allowed to use these ‘illegal’ characters in the naming scheme, thus if an error occurs you will need to remove the illegal characters or rename the document/file/folder.

When saving, creating, dragging or copying a document or folder containing these illegal characters, you will see one of the following error message -

When Saving:

When Copying: