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Voicemail .WAV file in your Linfield Exchange Email Inbox (V-Mail)

ITS has created a tool for your use that converts Nortel Callpilot™ Voicemail messages to .wav files and relays the message ( a "V-Mail") to your Linfield Exchange™ email account. This relay allows you to receive copies of your voicemails from wherever and whenever you happen to have email access - 24x7x365. Those of you who have Smartphones/iPhones configured with email access should be able to play the .wav files directly on your handheld device. Those that access email at home or on the road via Mac/PC/or other Internet terminal should be able to play the .wav files through the computers speakers or headphones.
While this "V-Mail" relay is not instantaneous, it usually happens within 60 seconds or so, depending on network traffic. Your voicemail account is unaffected by this relay, the voicemails are still in your voicemail box, and will still need to be deleted as usual. The message waiting light on your phone will still be lit by the system, indicating that you have voicemail waiting. Deleting the V-Mail from your Exchange™ inbox will not remove it from the voicemail system. If you need to forward the callers message to someone else, you may forward the entire V-Mail via email; just like any other email forward.

V-Mail Example:

From:  CallerName  [915035551212]_09-01-2009@0930[]
To:  [YourName]
Subject:   Voicemail Relay

Attachments:  CallerName  [915035551212]_09-01-2009@0930.wav

Callpilot Voicemail to [YourName] [Ext] from CallerName [915035551212] _09-21-2009@0930 Phone [ 15035551212 ]
Note: There is a .wav file attached to this email.

~ Caution: - those in close proximity to you could possibly overhear the voicemail playing. Please be cognizant of confidentiality; If you are in a sensitive environment, be discrete and control the volume either by the buttons on the side of the Smartphone/iPhone, or by covering the speaker of the Smartphone/iPhone -
On your computer the volume can be controlled with the volume control icon/slider in the Wav Player.

On the Smartphones/iPhones, you may call the sender of the voicemail directly by tapping the number highlighted at the end of the email message; enclosed in brackets: i.e. Phone [ 15035551212 ] (only available if caller ID was available from the sender)


  • You cannot reply via email to the sender. The senders email address is unknown because the V-Mail came by telephone. Any reply that you create in an email will only be transmitted to Of Course, if you know the callers email address, you can always create a new email to send to them directly.
  • Listening to your V-Mail on your computer or Smartphone/iPhone will not mark it as "old" or "read" in your voicemail box. ** See Below
  • Your message waiting light on your desk phone will still be illuminated until you manually check and/or delete your voicemail.** See Below
  • Likewise, deleting the "Email" message will not delete the voicemail in Nortel Callpilot™. This must still be done manually.** See Below
  • Due to system limitations, any voicemail that is "forwarded/attached" from another voicemail box and subsequently forwarded to your email will not contain the forwarded attachment. It will only contain the recording from the forwarding voicemail user (if available). You can still hear the forwarded message by logging in to your voicemail box on the system.

Some users find it to be beneficial even at their office desk; the V-Mail message you receive will contain the Time of Call, Callers Name, and Phone Number (if available) which will allow you to manage priorities in responding to callers that have left you a message. The additional convenience of receiving V-Mails after you've left the office, in the evening, on weekends, etc. has proven to many to be an efficient and valuable tool in time-management.

ITS has created a secure web page to allow you to enable and disable the V-Mail relay at following link: Enable/Disable the V-Mail relay

You will need your CATNET ID and password to logon - please check your voicemail 4 digit extension number on the displayed page prior to submitting the request - if the number is different from what you expect, please stop and let ITS Support know. You will receive a confirmation via email when you enable or disable your V-Mail relay. It will not cause a problem to duplicate requests - if there is any doubt as to the status, enable or disable as needed.

NOTE: For those of you that share an extension (have a shared voicemail box with a 5 digit number) you will need to submit the extra ending digit of your voicemail box number. Example: Your extension is 2299 but your Voicemail Box number is 22991, 22992, or 22993; you will need to submit the extra 1, 2, or 3 when enabling.

For Departmental Voicemail box relays - or other special situations, please contact Support.

If you experience any trouble with this system, please send a message to Support with as much detail as possible; it will help us in troubleshooting the issue. If you have comments or suggestions regarding this system, we would like to hear from you as well.

** NOTE: The voicemail relay’s are being sent with “read receipt requested” – if you allow the read receipt to occur, the voicemail system will mark the messages as having been listened to, and will flag the voicemail for deletion after 7 days. It will also turn off the Message Waiting Indication on your phone.