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Outlook 2011 - Sharing a Calendar

Share a Calendar

Access a Shared Calendar

Stop Sharing a Calendar

You can share your calendar with a co-worker and give them a permission level ranging from Owner (full access) to Reviewer (read-only access) depending on what activity you would like them to perform with the calendar appointments.

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Share a Calendar

Add permission to your Mailbox.  Right-click (or ctrl + click) on the account name found on the left in the folder list and a menu will pop up with an option called  Click on  and the  window will open.


Select the user to add.  Click the  button and then type in the username you would like to add and click the  button.  Select the correct user from the matched names by clicking on it then clicking the button.


Assign permissions to the user.  Click on the name of the user that now appears in the  window and then click on the  drop down menu arrows  and select  from the list of permissions then click the button.


Add user to your Calendar.  Go to your and right-click on the calendar you want to share then click   to open the  window.  Find and add the user following steps 1 and 2 above.


Assign the permission level.  With the newly added user's name highlighted, change the permission level to (read only) or (able to make changes) then click

Permission levels -

• Owner – Create, read, modify, and delete any Address Book. Calendar, private or public folders and Mail folder items. Owner can also change the permission level others have for the folder.
• Publishing Editor – Create, read, modify, and delete all items, and create subfolders.
• Editor – Create, read, modify, and delete all items.
• Publishing Author – Create and read items, create subfolders, and modify and delete items you create.
• Author – Create and read items, and modify and delete items you create.
Nonediting Author – Create and read items, and delete items that you create.
• Contributor – Create items only.
• Reviewer – Read items only.
• Free/Busy time, subject, location – Shows more detail than just Free/Busy.
• Free/Busy – Default permission, used in scheduling assistant.
None – Can't perform any activity. The user has no permission and can't open the folder.

Access a Shared Calendar

Open a Calendar shared to you.  Click on  from the menu at the top of the screen then choose   from the drop down menu. 


Add the user sharing a calendar.  In the  window click on the  icon to search for a name.  The  window will open and you can enter the name and click  then choose the name from the matched list and click the button.  Make sure is chosen in the Type: menu then click again.


View the calendar.  To view the calendar check the box  next to the name under 'Shared Calendars' in the calendar list.  This will appear in the left pane of the calendar view.


Stop Sharing a Calendar

Select your calendar.  Right-click on your calendar that you would like to stop sharing and click on  to open the window.


Remove the permissions.  Click on the name of the user you would like to remove and click the  button then click on the button.