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Open a Public Folder or Calendar in Outlook 2011


Click on the ‘Mail’  icon to go to the mail view.  Click on the ‘Tools’  tab at the top of the Outlook window.  Click on the ‘Public Folders’  icon.




Choose the folder or calendar you would like to open from the folder list and then click on the ‘Subscribe’ button at the top left of the window.  You will need to subscribe to each sub-folder or calendar  you would like to open.




The public folder can now be accessed by expanding the  heading at the bottom of your folder list in Outlook.




A public folder calendar can be accessed by subscribing to it and then clicking on the ‘Calendar’  icon to go to the calendar view.  The public folder calendar can be viewed by checking the  box next to it under the  heading.



Note: When creating events in your calendar or the public folder calendar, the calendar you want the event created in must be highlighted.  The check boxes are for viewing but the highlight bar decides which calendar is currently selected for editing.