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 How to Configure Outlook (Mac OSX) with a Linfield Email Address


Students: The ITS department does not provide support for any problems that may arise in the configuration of Outlook.  This guide is provided with the understanding that it is the sole responsibility of the student to troubleshoot and correct any issues with the configuration.


Bullet1.jpg Open the Accounts menu in Outlook.  Open Outlook  and from the menu at the top click on ‘Tools’  then ‘Accounts…’ entaccounts.png then click the in the lower left corner and choose ‘Exchange...’ from the drop down menu.   The Setup Exchange Account window will open.





 Input personal information.  Enter your Exchange account information in the correct fields following the instructions below.


  • E-mail address: (your email address, example:

  • Method: (leave this as the default - User Name and Password)

  • User name: (catnet\username, example: catnet\jsmith)

  • Password: (your email password)

  • Configure Automatically: Leave the box checked to configure automatically and then click 'Add Account'




Check the configuration.  If everything has been input properly the account will appear in the Accounts window with a green circle  (the circle may be yellow while the configuration finishes).  The account will now appear on the left side of the Outlook Mail window.  Click on the arrow next to the account to expand the folders.