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Changes to the Linfield Wireless Networkwifi


Linfield wireless access includes the following choices, Catnet_<building name> and Catnet_Public. In order to improve security, access to Linfield wireless networks will now require authentication with your Catnet ID, except on our guest wireless network. The network names will be changing as well, so if you log onto one of the networks listed above please make note of the new names:


         Old Network Name                                  New Network Name

         Catnet_<building name>                             Catnet_Linfield


         Catnet_Public                                              Catnet_Guest


Catnet_Linfield – This network requires authentication to connect.   The authentication occurs when a browser is opened and a Catnet username and password are entered. (Note – on some mobile devices the browser must manually be opened to authenticate.  Please contact the support desk if you are having difficulty with the authentication process.)  Please follow the steps to connect as outlined below.


Choose Catnet_Linfield from the list of available networks. Click the network icon  in the notification area of your desktop.  The resulting panel will give you a list of the available wireless networks.  Choose to connect to Catnet_Linfield.


Open a web browser and go to a non-linfield address.  Open a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer and browse to any address such as  You will be redirected the the Linfield CatNet authentication page you see below.  Enter your Catnet ID and password in the appropriate fields to receive full access to the internet.