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Wireless at Linfield

To improve the campus experience, Linfield College has provided wireless network access in many locations on campus. Wireless network access is available in academic classrooms, all student residential halls and public areas on the Linfield McMinnville campus.  For a PDF map of the wireless availability click here.

Academic Classrooms located in Student Resident Halls Public Areas

Ford Theater
Graf Hall
HHPA Building
Melrose Hall
Murdock Hall
Pioneer Hall
Potter Hall
Renshaw Hall
Taylor Hall
Vivian Bull Music Center
Walker Hall

Anderson Hall
Campbell Hall
Dana Hall
Elkington Hall
Frerichs Hall
Green Apartments
Grover Hall
Hewitt Hall
HP Park A,B,C,D,E,F
Jane Failing Hall
Larsell Hall
Latourette Hall
Legacy Apartments
Mahaffey Hall
Memorial Hall
Miller Hall
Newby Hall
Pioneer Hall
Potter Hall
Red Apartments
Terrel Hall
White Apartments
Whitman Hall

Baseball Stadium
Ford Theatre lobby
HHPA Building lobby
Miller Fine Arts Center
Nicholson Library
Riley Hall
Soccer Field
Withnell Commons

If unsure of wireless accessibility on campus, look for the “CatNet Unplugged” wireless stickers appearing on public access entrances of buildings.

Linfield community wireless access, please use CatNet_Student.

Linfield administration wireless access, please use CatNet_Linfield.  You will need to authenticate with a Linfield CatNet ID and password.  From a mobile device you may need to open the web browser to access the login page.

Public wireless access, please use CatNet_Guest. This is available for visitors who do not have a Linfield CatNet ID and password. This public wireless allows you to surf the internet and access Linfield’s homepage.

Performance may vary in these public areas depending on the style and individual characteristics of your wireless equipment. Some equipment may be able to get a connection from beyond indicated areas.

As needs arise or popular “hot spot” locations become evident, Linfield College will expand the wireless network to other areas on campus.

If you are a current Linfield student and are interested in having your computer system configured for wireless access, contact Integrated Technology Services at Visit the system requirements page to find out what your computer will need for wireless access.

CatNet Unplugged WiFi Hot Spot