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Recent changes in our Microsoft Campus Agreement affect how Linfield’s Microsoft products are licensed on non-institutional computers; such as personal computers at home. Before this change, faculty and staff with Microsoft Office installed on their institutional computer were allowed to install the software on their personally owned computer for the duration of their employment. Linfield College, under the old Microsoft Campus Agreement, was liable for all software licenses; on campus or at home. If an employee left Linfield, the college was responsible for the removal of all software from personally owned equipment covered by the Microsoft Campus Agreement. It was called the, “80/20 software rule” and implied that if you used the program at work (80%) then you could use it at home (20%), but license issues have forced a change. The “80/20 rule” is superseded by Microsoft’s Software Assurance Home Use Program (HUP).

Under the new Home Use Program (HUP), if you are employed full time at Linfield, and you are assigned an institutional computer with Microsoft Office installed, you are eligible to participate in Microsoft's Software Assurance Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables you to purchase a licensed copy of the latest Microsoft Office applications to install and use on your home computer at a significant discount.  The price is $9.95 (a backup DVD for your product(s) is an additional $12.00). Prices are subject to change. Unless you order a backup DVD, you will receive a link to download the software to your computer. You may continue using HUP software while employed at Linfield College. If your employment with Linfield College ends, you need to discontinue use of the Home Use Program software and uninstall it from your personal computer.

If you are interested in purchasing Microsoft Office software for use on your personally owned computer, please send an email to and indicate “Microsoft HUP” in the subject. If you are eligible to utilize the Home Use Program, we will provide you with the details for purchasing the Microsoft software.