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Outlook - Sorting the Message List

Sorting using Column Headers
  • You can sort your email by clicking once on any message column header that you have displayed.
  • To switch between ascending and descending sort, click the indented up – or downward pointing arrow within the header.


Go to View menu -> Arrange by -> Show in Groups

    • Show in Groups – divides and breaks your email list into day, week, or month subgroups (today, yesterday, days of the weeks, last week, 2 weeks ago, 3 weeks ago, last month, etc.). If you would like you email listed continuously without subgroups, uncheck this feature.





Go to View menu -> Arrange by -> Custom

  • Customize View: Messages dialog window appears.
  • Choose Sort button.
  • A Sort dialog window appears.
  • In Sort Items By field, click on the black drop down arrow for a submenu and choose from the list, then click on Ascending or Descending.
  • Use Then By to further customize the sort if desired.
  • Click OK button.