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Outlook07.png How to Configure Outlook (Windows) with a Linfield Email Account


Students: The ITS Department does not provide support for any problems that may arise in the configuration of Outlook.  This guide is provided with the understanding that it is the sole responsibility of the student to troubleshoot and correct any issues with the configuration.

Note: These instructions are only valid for Outlook 2007 or newer.

Bullet1.jpg Go to the Control Panel.  Click on the 'Start Button'  and then click on 'Control Panel' If this is the first time you are configuring Outlook Outlook07.png on your PC then open Outlook instead and skip to step 5.



 Open the Mail Setup menu.  Click on the ‘Mail’ icon  in the Control Panel to open the Mail Setup menu.

  • Windows XP – Choose 'Switch to Classic View'  in the Control Panel if the 'Mail' icon is not visible.
  • Windows Vista – Choose 'Classic View'  in the Control Panel if the 'Mail' icon is not visible.
  • Windows 7 – Choose to view by 'Large Icons'  from the drop down options if the 'Mail' icon is not visible.


 Open the E-mail Account Settings menu.  Click on 'E-mail Accounts…'  to open the Account Settings menu.


  Create a new account.  Click on ‘New…’  in the Account Settings window.


Auto Account Setup.  In the Add New E-Mail Account window enter the correct information into the fields as explained belowand then click ‘Next >’.

  • Your Name: (your first and last name, example: John Smith)

  • E-mail Address: (your linfield email address, example:

  • Password: (the password for your linfield account)


bubble6.png Confirm configuration.  If everything is configure properly there will be all green check marks and the message - "Your e-mail account is successfully configured."  Click on 'Finish' .  Click 'Close' to close the Account Settings window, the Mail Setup window, and the Control Panel.  You can now open Outlook Outlook10 and begin using your account.