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Outlook - Column Headers

Add Column Headers by:

1. Choosing View menu -> Arrange By -> Custom


1A. Right clicking on an exisitng columng header -> Custom

2. A Custom View: Messages dialog window appears.

3. Choose Fields button.

4. A Show Fields dialog window will appear.

5. Choose/highlight a field from the list on the left and click on the Add button in the middle to move it to the list on the right.

6. Rearrange the Column Header order by Choosing/highlighting a field then use the Move Up and Move Down buttons at the bottom of the list change the left to right order/placement.

Resize Columns:

Move your mouse arrow over the column dividers and it will change into a double arrow. Click and drag the column divider left or right to reduce or widen the column.

Rearrange Column Headings:

Use your mouse to click and drag the column heading to its new location. Red arrows will appear indicating where the columns new location will be when you release the mouse.