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Outlook - New Email Message

Email addresses are a combination of user name, the @character, and a domain name. Every email address is unique, usually by the username. The domain name is normally reflective of the company, institution or ISP that the user has service with. The domain name will also contain a suffix that indicates  the kind of organization that it is: .com – commercial, .net – network, .org – organization, .edu – educational, .g0v – government.

Create a New Email

1. To start a new email message choose you can -

  • Go to File menu -> New -> Mail Message.


  • Click on New button  in the Toolbar.


  • Click on the black drop down arrows next to the New button  and choose Mail Message from the submenu.


  • Press Ctrl key + N key on your keyboard.

2. A Untitled Message window will appear with the flashing cursor in the To: field.

3.Start typing the name/email address in the To: field that you wish to send to.

  • A list of ‘match’ names will appear for you to choose from (keep typing to shorten the match list).
  • Click to select the name/email address to you want from the list and it will automatically be entered into the To: field.
  • You can do this for the Cc: and the Bcc: fields also.
  • Repeat the process for additional names.

Other option for adding names in the To: field -

  • Click on the Address Book icon in the Toolbar.
    • A Select Names dialog box will appear .
    • Show Names From The – Choose Global Address List from the drop down menu.
    • Start typing in the name of the person you wish to add to your list – a list of names will appear below for you to choose from.
    • Select/highlight the name you want to add from the list.
    • Click on the Memberbutton at the bottom – the name will appear in the field to the right of the button.
      • Repeat this until you have all the names you want in your Distribution List (if needed, you can change the address book you are selecting names from in the Show Names From The: list).
    • Click OK button and the names will appear in the appropriate fields.

4. When you are ready to send your message you can –
  • Click Send button  - sends the email message immediately.
  • File menu -> Save – saves a copy of the message in the Drafts folder.
  • File menu -> Save As – brings up the Save As window, navigate to any folder in your hard drive to save a copy of the message.
  • Click on the Options button  -  a Message Optionsdialog box appears:
    • Delivery Option section  -
      • Enable/place a check in the box Do Not Deliver Before - click on the black drop down arrows at the end of the Do Not Deliver Before fields, calendars will appear for you to choose a date of delivery  and choose a time of deliver in the Time field next to it.
      • Click on the Close button.
      • Click ont the Send button.
      • This email will be placed in your Outbox email folder until the chosen time of delivery.