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Why was my email blocked as SPAM?

Linfield's email system has a SPAM blocking feature in place that examines email for indicators that the message might be SPAM.

If you attempted to send email and it returned a delivery failed 'This message appears to be SPAM!!' ITS suggests that you please contact the ITS support desk.

If you received a delivery failed 'This message appears to be SPAM!!' for an email you do not recognize, your account may have been compromised.  Please contact the ITS support desk and change your password immediately!

ITS has configured a SPAM filter for outgoing as well as incoming email. We have set the threshold fairly high with the goal of significantly reducing the number of outgoing SPAM from compromised accounts without filtering out legitimate messages.  You are probably reading this because one of your messages was filtered out and returned to you with a web link to help you understand what happened.

Why does outgoing email get filtered for SPAM?  It is quite common for the major email providers like Yahoo, gmail, etc. to block all email from a domain ( is our domain) when they detect patterns of email coming into their system that suggests the domain is a SPAM host.  Multiple, identical email messages in a short period of time is one such pattern.  Another is a large number of SPAM messages over a short period of time whether they are identical or not.  The SPAM filter is a preventative measure against being blacklisted as a SPAM source and having all email from blocked.

If you have received these delivery failure messages for email you did not send, how was your account compromised? You may have fallen for the "your email is over quota, please give us your ID and password" or similar exploit.  Frequently, the purpose of this is to turn your email address into a SPAM source.  Please change your password immediately and notify ITS support desk (503-883-2553).

Please contact ITS support desk (503-883-2553) if you would like additional information or assistance.