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Sophos- Blocked Senders

Sophos Email Security and Control proactively blocks inbound and outbound spam, phishing attacks, viruses and spyware.

You receive a PureMessage email every day listing the emails that Sophos has filtered / blocked from entering into your Exchange Inbox.

1. At the bottom of each PureMessage email is a Options for quarantined messages link

sophos email

email sophos links

2. Clicking on this Options for quarantined message link will take you to a Sophos login page.

3. Type in your Linfield CATNet username and password.

4. Click Login button.

sophos login page

5. Click on Blocked Senders

6. Click on Add Sender button

blocked senders

7. You may block an individual email address or entire domains. Type this information in the Add Address field

  • To block individual email address type it in exactly as it appears ( OR
  • To block domains, type in everything after the @ symbol ( OR use asterisks symbols (**

8. Click Add Sender button

10. The address will be added to your Blocked Senders list.

11. Repeat the steps 5 to 8 to add another address / domain or click Log Out.

adding blocked sender