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Passwords - choosing yours wisely

Passwords should not be shared with anyone. Be careful where you record and store a password.
Never provide / send via email, your password if it is specifically requested for in an email that you receive.

Linfield CatNet Passwords MUST:

  • Be 8-24 characters long
  • Contain upper and lower case letters

Suggestions for creating a strong password

  • Use a mix of numbers, special characters, upper and lower case letters (not including a space, quotes, or @ symbol)
  • Incorporate non-alphabetic characters in common words, e.g., “kitch3n”
  • Substitute numbers for words, syllables, and letters in common words
    • e.g, “Ireze2cU” instead of “It's really easy to see you”
  • Use the first letters of a phrase, movie, book or song title, substituting numbers for letters,
    • e.g. “22igafwniKa” instead of “Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”
  • Do Not Use
    • Social Security Number
    • User ID Name
    • Street Address
    • Phone Number
    • Birth Date
    • Family Names
    • Identifiable words or numbers that can be tied to your identity
    • Recycled version of another password
    • Common words that can be found in any dictionary

Checking Password Strength

I Forgot my CatNet ID/ Email Password

I Changed my Password and now I can’t log onto my computer

  • For Faculty/Staff:  If you have a Linfield-owned laptop, after changing your password, you will need to connect your computer with an Ethernet cable while on campus, restart the computer, and then login with your new password.