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Email Lists for Majors, Minors and Advisees

Note: These lists are available to all faculty including (where applicable) adjuncts.

Course Lists

Every course at Linfield has an associated email list.  Anyone officially registered for the course or teaching the course is a member of the list and can send to it. Lists are created and become available at registration.

The naming convention for these email lists is:

<year><term>-<subject><course number><section number> 

For example 2012fa-­bio10002 is the email address for Biology 100, section 2 offered in the fall of 2012.  No one can send to a course list that is not a member of the list. The Instructor of record for the class can add anyone with a Linfield email address to the list.

You might, for example, want to add a TA or de­partmental secretary. To do so, go to and click on the "faculty and staff" link. There you will find a drop down "Email Services" menu. Select "Class E-mail List Administration".  For instructions on how to administer class lists please use this link.

In an emergency where you cannot do so yourself, the Registrar's office can send messages to any course email list for any faculty.

Advisees List

Email sent from your email login to myadvi­ will go to all of your advisees of record.

Majors and Minors Lists

The syntax to address majors is <major-code>, where code is the Colleague code for that major.  Case does not matter.  Note that for the most part these codes correspond to subject codes, but not always.  For­ instance the subject code and ma­jor/minor code for biology are both BIO. However the subject code for French is MLF but the major/minor code is FRE. The registrar can help you with any ­questions on these codes.

The syntax to address minors is similar ­<minor-code>   As an example, address all French majors and minors with: major­ and  

Subject Lists

The syntax to address everyone ­taking a class in a subject is similar to the class email list syntax. For instance the address for the spring 2013 section 3 of Biology 222 is: 2013sp-­

To address an email to everyone taking a spring 2013 biology course use the same address without the class or section numbers: