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How to Create an Alias Email Address

Note: Linfield's email system allows the creation of alternate email addresses (aliases) for your Linfield mailbox.

Access the Personal Email Alias Manager.

Go to the Personal Email Alias Manager by browsing to the Linfield homepage and then clicking on the Faculty and Staff link at the bottom of the page. Under the Email Services drop down menu there is a link to the Personal Email Alias Manager.

Log in to the Personal Email Alias Manager.

Log in to the Personal Email Alias Manager by entering your catnet username and password.

Update the Email Alias List.

Enter the aliases you would like to use in the text boxes numbered 1-5. Please keep in mind the following tips.

  1. You can choose text, characters, numbers or any combination you like (blank spaces need to be underscores "_") for your alias name.
  2. If an alias is entered incorrectly or if it is already being used by someone else, you will get an error message after clicking on the Update My Personal Aliases button and the incorrect alias will be in red.
  3. These personally created aliases will not 'expand' like your assigned CatNet ID.

Once you have finished entering or deleting aliases, click on the button to save the changes. You should see the message.