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Entourage - Spell Check

Before you send an email message it is a good idea to check for spelling errors. Entourage uses the same spelling checker as Word. When a spell check occurs, a Spelling dialog box opens with the first ‘suspect’ word flagged.

  • Once your email message is typed, choose Tools menu -> Spelling, this will check your message for spelling errors and put a red squiggly line underneath the misspelled words or the words/names it does not recognize.
  • A spelling dialog box will open with word choices/suggestions/corrections.
  • Additional options with the word choices are –
    • Ignore – ignore this instance of the word
    • Ignore All – ignore this and all other instances of the word wherever they are found in this message.
      Add – accept the word as correct and add it to your custom dictionary so that it will be recognized in future spell checks.
    • Change – replaces the suspect word with the choice you have selected.
    • Change All – replaces the suspect word and all other instances of the word that is found in this message.
    • AutoCorrect – add the misspelling to the Office’s AutoCorrect list. In future sessions Office program will correct this misspelling automatically by substituting the word you have selected in the Suggestions list.

Setting Spelling Preferences

1. You are notified that you have received an attachment with your email by the paper clip appearing in the Attachments column.

2. With your email message opened –

  • Select/highlight the attachment and click the Open button to the right


  • Double-click on the attachment name itself