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Entourage - Message Rules

Message Rules can instruct Entourage to automatically perform actions on incoming or outgoing email.

Creating Message Rules

1. Go to Tools menu -> Rules.

2. A Rules dialog window will open.

  • Select the Mail (Exchange) tab.
  • Click on the New icon .


  • Click on the black drop down arrown next to New icon.
  • A submenu appears, choose Mail (Exchange).

3. A Edit Rule dialog window will appear.

4. Rule Name field - fill in this field with the name of the new rule.

5. If section –
Specifies the type of message to examine.

  • Execute drop down choices -
    • If any criteria are met
    • If all criteria are met
    • Unless any criteria are met
    • Unless all criteria are met
  • Criterion drop down choices -
    • Specifies the type of message to process (All Messages, From, etc.) click on the black drop down arrow and a submenu will appear with a list of choices.

6. Then section -
Specifies the action(s) that will be taken.

  • Clicking on the black drop down menu and a submenu will appear with a list of choices. The second Action field will yield a different list of choices depending on what you choose in the first Action field.

7. Optional - If the Do not apply other rules to messages that meet these criteria check box is checked then no additional rules will be applied to the message.

8. Click check box for Enabled.

9. Click OK button.

10. Activate the Rule

  • Go to Messages menu -> Apply Rule.
    • Choose All Rules – activates all the Rules in the list


  • Choose/select this newly created Rule from the list - this ‘choosing’ activates this rule.