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Entourage - Email Folders

Create a New Email Folder
Moving Email to Another Folder

Email message folders help to keep yourself organized within your messages. You can create and name them by any type of criteria as long as it makes sense to you. You can also create folders within folder (subfolders) – just a word of caution, try to not become ‘so organized’ with creating subfolders that you forget where you put things.

Create a New Email Folder

1.You first need to decide at what level you want your new email folder to appear.

  • If you want the folder to appear in the primary/1st level - Select/highlight your Exchange email account.
  • If you want the folder to appear below the Inbox - Select/highlight your Inbox.
  • If you want the folder to appear as a subfolder in an existing email folder - Select/highlight that particular folder.

2. Create the new folder -

  • Choose File menu -> New -> Folder


  • Click on the black drop down arrow next to the New icon  in the Toolbar and from the submenu choose Folder

3. A Create New Folder window will open.

  • Fill in the Name field.
  • Type shoud be Mail Folder.
  • Click OK button.

4. The newly created email folder will appear in the folders list.

Move Email to Another Folder

1. Select/highlight the email message(s) you want to move from the Message list.

*Note: You may want to Sort your email messages by From before you move them. For more information, go to Sorting Message List.

2. To 'move' the selected email messages, choose one of the following options -

  • Click and drag the highlighted messages onto the folder you want them moved into in the Folder list


  • Choose Message menu -> Move To (a submenu will appear listing all of your email folders)  -> choose a destination folder OR select Choose folder (this opens a dialog window that shows all of your email folders that you can select from).


  • Click on the Move icon in the Toolbar and a Move To Folder dialog window will appear listing all of your email folder for you to choose from.
    • Select/highlight the folder.
    • Click on the Move button.

OR.......You can create a New Folder at this time by clicking on the New Folder button.