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Entourage - Contacts

Create a New Contact Manually
Create a New Contact From a Email
Create a Contact Group
Delete a Contact

You can manually create a new contact record or extract it from a received email message.

Create a New Contact Manually

1. Choose one of the following options -

  • Go to File menu -> New -> Contact


  • Click on New icon


  • Click on the black drop down arrow next to the New icon  and choose Contact

2. A Create Contact dialog box will appear for you to enter in basic contact information

  • You can assign a Category to your contacts if you wish.
  • If you are ‘sharing’ your address book with others but do not wish to share this particular contact, your can make it private by checking the Private box in the bottom left corner.

3. If you are done entering information at this time and wish to save your new contact, you have two options -

  • Save & Close - will save the new contact and go back to the contact list.
  • Save & New - will save the new contact and open a empty contact dialog box.

4. Click the More button locted in the bottom right corner if you with to enter additional detailed information about the new contact.

  • A full record will appear for you to enter in any other information you like (you can even drag and drop a picture under the Personal tab).

5. When you are done entering information, click the Save icon.

Add a Contact from an Email Message

You can extract email addresses from received messages and create a contact record with it.

    • Select/highlight the sender or incoming email address from the Message list
    • Choose Tools menu ->Add to Address Book.


    • Right click on the sender OR Ctrl click on sender
    • Choose Add Sender To Address Book from submenu


    • Right click on the sender OR Ctrl click on the sender in the header section of the Preview Pane and choose Add Sender to Address Book from the submenu.
  • A Contact Record will automatically open with the 'sender' information pre-entered. This record will be added to your Exchange Account Address Book.

    *Note: You can also select other recipients, not just the sender.

Creating Contact Groups

1. Select Address Book [On My Compputer] -

    • Choose File menu -> New -> Group.


    • Click on the Add Group icon in the Toolbar.


    • Click the black drop down arrow next to New icon and choose Group .

2. A Untitled Group dialog box appears.

3. Enter a Group name into the Group name field.

4. Add Members –

  • Click on the Add icon  in the Toolbar, an Address Book will appear from which you can choose a contact from OR type-in/add a person’s email address.


  • Click below the last added member in the list, an outline of another text box appears, begin typing in the next persons name – a list will appear that matches what you started to type, choose from the list.


  • Drag and drop contacts from an open Address Book into the Group (press the key on the keyboard  and click with the mouse to select multiple contacts at the same time).

*Note:  If you want to keep names and email addresses private from other group members when you send out to them,
click on the check box Don’t show addresses when sending to group.

Delete a Contact Records

Delete a single contact record by -

    • Selecting/highlight a Contact Record.
    • Choose the Delete icon  in the Toolbar above.


    • Right clicking OR Ctrl clicking on a Contact Record.
    • A submenu appears, choose Delete Contact.


    • Select/highlight a Contact Record.
    • Choose Edit menu -> Delete Contact.
  • To select contiguous records – hold down the Shift key and mouse click the records.
  • To select noncontiguous records – hold down the key and mouse click the noncontiguous records.
**Important Note: Once a contact record is deleted it is permanent – it is NOT moved to the Deleted Items folder.**