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Entourage - Column Headings & Sorting

Column Headings - Add or Remove
Column Headings - Resize
Column Headings - Rearrange
Sorting a Message List

You can customize which column headings to display, how many to display and in which order to display them in when you are viewing email in the message list. You can also sort your Message List in a different order depending on which column header is chosen.

Column Headings - Add or Remove

1. You can view/access the column headings submenu list by: 

  • View menu -> Column.


  • Right Mouse Clicking on any existing column heading.


  • Hold down Ctrl button on your keyboard and Left Mouse Clicking on any existing column heading.

All of the above will bring up the column heading submenu.

2. You then select OR unselect the headings you want from the list (items with check marks next to them are displayed headers).

Resize Column Headers

1. Move your mouse arrow over the column dividers and it will change into a double arrow.

2. Click and drag the column divider left or right to reduce or widen the column.

Rearrange Column Headings

1. Use your mouse to click and drag the highlighted/darkened column heading to its new location.

2. Release the mouse button.

Sorting Message List

1. Select the email folder you wish to sort from the folder list (the folders contents appear in the message list).

2. You can sort your email by clicking once on any column heading that you have displayed. To switch between ascending and descending sort, click the black up – or down pointing triangle within the heading.


Go to View menu -> Arrange by to bring up a sorting submenu list.

  • Choose one of the following options -

    • Show in Groups – divides and breaks your email list into day, week, or month subgroups (today, yesterday, days of the weeks, last week, 2 weeks ago, 3 weeks ago, last month, etc.). If you would like you email listed continuously without subgroups, uncheck this feature.
    • Edit Custom Arrangements... – Creates your own email list sorting criteria that you can apply to any email folder.
    • Or choose a column header from the list of choices.

3. Depending on what column header you choose, your email folder will display your sorted email in the appropriate order (alphabetically, by date, etc).