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  Entourage 2008 – How to Create a Signature 


Guidelines for Email Signatures


·      Use graphic signatures sparingly.  Graphics in emails use more resources and will exhaust the storage capacity of your mailbox much quicker.

·      Use caution if you include a quote in your signature.  You never know what may be offensive to someone.  “If in doubt… leave it out.”



Bullet1.jpg Open the signatures window in Entourage.  From the menu at the top click ‘Tools’  -> ‘Signatures…’  -> ‘New’ You should now have a window open called ‘untitled’.  You can rename this signature by replacing ‘untitled’ with the name of your choice.



 Create your signature.  To edit the text click the ‘Use HTML’ icon  and the grayed out options will become available.  Generally it is a good idea to create at least two signatures.  You can create an informal signature with your name and extension that would be used for internal email.  You may also create a formal signature with more detailed contact information for correspondence with associates outside the college.

Important: The following formatting should be used for all signatures - Flush left, 10 pt. Arial or Calibri bold font for individual name, 10 pt. Arial or Calibri normal font for all remaining information.




Add the Linfield Acorn Logo to your signature.  Use this link to get the Linfield logo.  Right click on the Linfield logo and choose ‘Copy Image’.  Right click below the text in your signature and choose ‘Paste’.  Once you have your signature set up the way you prefer you can close the window and choose ‘Save’.




 Set the signature to appear in every email you create.  From the menu at the top click ‘Tools’ ->  -> ‘Accounts’  and double click the name of the account you want to change.  A new window will open entitled ‘Edit Account’.  Click ‘Options’ then under message options choose the signature from the drop down menu that you would like to appear by default in your emails.  Click ‘Ok’  to save your changes.  A box may appear asking you if Entourage can use the information in your keychain, click ‘Allow’.

Note: If you are unable to see the logo in your signature when you create an email, click the 'Use HTML'  button above the text window to enable HTML formatting.




 Use a different signature in an email.  To use a signature other than the default in an email, with the email open, click the ‘Signature’ icon  at the top of your email window and choose the signature you would like to use from the list of choices.

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