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CATFiles - Uploading a File with Internet Explorer

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CatFiles is a secure network storage system that is available to all currently enrolled Linfield students and current Linfield employees.
This network storage allows the user 2 GB of space to safely store, share, or publish their files, pictures, projects, or folders.
A current, valid CATNet ID is required.

1. Save your document or project to a location you will remember (My Documents or Desktop, etc).

Log into CATFiles:

2. Open Internet Explorer

browser address bar

3. You will be redirected to the CATFiles Linfield login page.

  • Provide your CATNet ID/Username and Password
  • Domain should be
4. Click the OK button or Login link or press Enter/Return key on your keyboard

5. You will be taken to your default (your username) CatFiles layout.

  • You have 2GB of total space.

You have two options to transfer/upload a file into Catfiles:

Upload upload button or Launch Web Folder launch web folder button

Upload Process:

1. Save your document or project to the desktop.

2-. Click on Upload icon

3. If your Java is up to date, an Upload Files To: window appears (If you see a Digital Signature prompt appear, click on Run).

NOTE: If you do not have the correct Java version, click on the Java1.5 or higher link and it will take you to a Java Download Web page - follow the directions to download Java.
IMPORTANT: if you use the Colleague Web UI on a Mac, you need to be sure to download and install an older version (Java 1.5) otherwise your Web UI will not function correctly.



4.Find you saved document or project and select/highlight all the documents and folders you wish to transfer.

5.. Drag and Drop into the CatFiles Upload Files To window.

6. Click on Start Upload button.

  • You will see the upload progress bar

7. When the upload is finished, you will see all the files in your CatFiles Layout.

8. Log out.

You will now be able to access this saved document, project, or folder from any computer by browsing to CatFiles and logging in.


Launch Web Folder Process:

1. Save your project or document

2. Choose the folder level you would like to open

3. Click on Launch Web Folder button

4. A window will open containing the same folder and / or document layout as your CatFiles


launch web folder

5. Drag and Drop your file into the open window

6. Close the window

7. The file will appear in Catfiles

internet explorer file upload
uploaded file