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CatFiles - Sharing a Folder

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CatFiles is a secure network storage system that is available to all currently enrolled Linfield student and current Linfield employee.
This network storage allows the user 2 GB of space to safely store, share, or publish their files, pictures, projects, or folders.


You can share a folder at the time it is created or share it at a later date.

Share a folder already created

1. Select the folder you wish to share

2. Click on the drop down arrow next to Manage

3. Choose Permissions

manage permision

4. Select the level of Permission for the user

  • Basic Tab
    • Viewer - view files or folder only
    • Contributor - view, write to, and delete files/folder
    • Full Access - read, write, and delete files/folders, also able to manage folder/sub-folders (not able to administer files)
  • Advanced Tab

Sharing at creation:

1. Clicking Next will take you to Add Users.

  • Start typing the name of the person you wish to add and a list of names will appear.
  • You must select/click the name in the list to validate it


2. If you have trouble finding a name, click on Search For Users button search for users button

  • A Find User dialog window will appear
    • Type the first or last name and click the Find button
    • The users name will appear
    • If this is correct, select/click on the name and click the OK button

Note: If you wish to share with a Group, you will need to create the Group in your My Contacts


add a person

find user

3. Once you have the Users or Groups added, click on the Next button



4. A Share dialog window will appear

  • Check what level of sharing you want each user to have (Viewer, Contributor, Full Access)
  • Check if you want permission to be applied to
    • This Folder Only
    • This Folder as Well as all Sub-Folders and Files.

5. Click Next button


6. A configure dialog window will appear. If you do not want these features enabled, just click Next button.

  • Default Versioning - tracks every change made to any file in the folder
  • Default Logging - keeps a log of each new file uploaded to the folder
  • Set quota size limit
  • Set Subscription - notifies you of
    • any edits made to the folder or files
    • any time folder or files are viewed
    • any comments added to folder or files
  • Notification is sent via email
    • when even happens
    • daily report

7. Click Next button


8. A Email dialog window will appear.

  • The email will contain an option
    • to add a bookmark to their (the other user) bookmark list
    • or click on a link to access the folder from the email
  • Additional text can be added to the email
  • Option to have a copy of the email sent to you

9. Click Finish button (email will be sent)