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CatFiles - Logging In

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Catfiles - upload a file with FireFox
Catfiles - upload a file with Internet Explorer
Catfiles - upload a file with Safari

CatFiles is a secure network storage system that is available to all currently enrolled Linfield student and current Linfield employee.
This network storage allows the user 2 GB of space to safely store, share, or publish their files, pictures, projects, or folders.


1. Open any web browser (IE, Safari or FireFox)

catfiles url

2. You will be redirected to the CATFiles Linfield login page.

  • Provide your CATNet ID/Username and Password
  • Domain should be
3. Click the OK button or Login link or press Enter/Return key on your keyboard

5. You will be taken to your default (your username) CatFiles layout.


catfiles layout