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Go to Copy Services Dropbox

Using Copy Services Dropbox

1. Save your document or project to a location you will remember (My Documents or Desktop, etc.)

2. Click on this Copy Services Dropbox link

3. You will be redirected to the CATFiles Linfield login page.

  • Provide your CATNet ID/Username and Password
  • Domain should be
4. Click the OK button or Login link or press Enter/Return key on your keyboard
Login screen

5. Click on Upload Files Now button


Note: If you see an applet message requesting access to your computer, click Allow button.

file upload

6. Drag and Drop your file into the Upload window (if you do not see this window right away, click on the Java 1.5 or higher link)


NOTE: If you do not have the correct Java version, click on the Java1.5 or higher link and it will take you to a Java Download Web page - follow the directions to download Java.
IMPORTANT: if you use the Colleague Web UI on a Mac, you need to be sure to download and install an older version (Java 1.5) otherwise your Web UI will not function correctly.







Optional Upload:

  • You can use the Add Files button
  • Navigate to the file
  • Click Choose button

drag and drop file

using add files button




7. Click the Start Upload button



start upload

8. When the upload is complete, you will see a checkmark checkmarkin the Status column

9. Click on the Next button

10. In Description field - type in your Name, Dept, and Document Title

11. Click Finish button

Note: once you have clicked Finish, you will no longer have access to this uploaded file.

finish file upload

file description

12. Click the Logout button on the right located in the gray toolbar.

16. Important: Send an email to Print NW ( regarding the uploaded file.

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Document Title
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Go to Linfield College Copy Services for additional information