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Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 - Helpful Tips

 Learn how to:

Convert documents to PDF

Combine PDF documents

Create headers and footers

Reduce the file size

Touch up text

Create links

 Convert Documents to PDF

  Save Document as PDF. You can right-click on the document in its folder and choose to or if the document is open, see below for your version of Office.

Office 2010 - With the document open go to  then click then choose   

Office 2007 - With the document open click on -> then 

 Why not "print" to PDF?  Saving the document as a PDF rather than printing to PDF preserves more of the file's features such as hyperlinks, bookmarks, page numbers etc.

 Combine PDF documents

  Start Combine PDF Wizard.  Open Acrobat Pro and click on  and in the drop down menu choose

  Organize PDF Files.  Open the folder where the PDF is saved and drag it into the ‘Combine Files’ window.  You can choose only specific pages to include from the PDF by clicking on the PDF file in the window and then clicking You can order the files by clicking the buttons.  Once you have all the files in order click on  the  button.

  View Page Thumbnails.  Click on the  located in the left sidebar to open the page thumbnails.  This may be helpful in creating an index page in Microsoft Word for your PDF. 

 Insert the Index Page.  Once you have created the index page you can insert it into the PDF document.  Click on  then  then   Browse to the folder where you saved the index and ‘Select’ it.  Choose where to place the page (e.g. before first page)  Acrobat will convert it into a PDF and insert it into the packet.

 Create Headers and Footers

  Open the Header & Footer Wizard.  The wizard is found under  ->   then clicking on  .

  Add Header & Footer Text.  Using the wizard add the text desired.  To insert a page number choose the location and click the  button.  To insert a date choose the location and click the  Note: if you would like different fonts and sizes for header and footers then you will need to add a new header & footer for each change. 

  Page Numbers and Date – You can change the date format (e.g mm/dd/yyyy) and the page number format by clicking on the

 Exclude Index from Page Numbers.  In the Header & Footer wizard, begin the headers on the first page after the index(e.g. page 2 for a one page index).  Use the to do this.

 Reduce the File Size

  Make the Packet Accessible.  To make the document more accessible you may choose to reduce the file size.  Click   then choose  

  Reduce File Size.  The  window will open and you can other versions of Adobe Acrobat.  Choose the desired version from the drop down menu then click ‘OK’.   is the earliest recommended file format to use.  Click ‘OK’ to open the  window and save the document.

 Touch Up Text

  Access the Touch Up Tool.  Click on  ->  and choose   You can now click on any text recognized by Acrobat and edit it.

 Touch up Objects.  In the same menu ( -> ) you can use the to remove objects including text (e.g. pre-existing page numbers) not recognized by Acrobat.

 Create a Link

  Creating Links.  You can create links in your PDF to other pages in the same document or to a web page URL.  Access the select tool by clicking on the  icon in the toolbar at the top or in  ->  ->

  Highlight the Text to Link.  Click on  and then click and drag the mouse over the text where you would like to create the link.  This will create a rectangle around the text.  Right-click the highlighted text and choose   The preferred settings are  and .

  Link Action.  Now choose from the options under.  Once you have chosen an option click

 will create a link to another page in the same document.

 will create a link to a url on the web.

 Link a page view.  Use the scroll bar and zoom to get the view of the page you would like to link then click

  Link a web page.  In the  window  (e.g.  then click ‘OK’.  You can also have Acrobat automatically create links for any urls that it recognizes.  To do this go to  ->  -> .


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