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Oaxaca, Mexico

Nestled in the central valley of the state of OAXACA, this beautiful city is located 300 miles southeast of Mexico City and 120 miles from the pristine beaches of the Pacific coast. The tropical mountains and valleys that surround the city create a microclimate that hosts many thousands of plant varieties and, combined with the altitude of 5,000 ft., ensures mild weather conditions. Curriculum: IDST 031 - Intercultural Communication: Departure and Reentry; 1 credit. Students take one language course at the Instituto: MLSP 320/MLS 321 or MLSP 370/MLS 371: Spanish language practice 5 credits. Other required and elective courses vary each spring, depending upon the academic and teaching area of the accompanying Linfield faculty director. A list of courses will be available six months prior to the start of each spring semester.

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