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Journals from Aboriginal and Environmental Economics of Australia

2008-01-23 Uluru at Sunset

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Uluru at Sunset

Uluru is one of the best known symbols of Australia. In the center of Australia, part of what is referred to as the "red center," Uluru sits majestically. This picture was taken at sunset on January 20; the next day we made the 9.4km hike around the base. Uluru is a site of great significance to the local Aborigine clans (known as the Mutitjulu group). There are numerous sacred sites where traditionally only men (or only women) could gather for ceremonies. Standing high on an otherwise flat landscape, it was an easily identified gathering point for the Aborigines that have inhabited this land for thousands of years. Uluru (and nearby Kata Tjuta) is a national park and UNESCO World Heritage site, and it visited by hundreds of thousands each year. Randy

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