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Journals from Aboriginal and Environmental Economics of Australia

2008-01-23 Simpson's Gap

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Euro at Simpson's Gap

Virtually everyone traveling to Australia, whether student or tourist, hopes to see that unique macropod called the kangaroo. The one pictured here is referred to as a "euro" (not to be confused with the monetary unit of the European Union) or a "walleroo". The latter name is a bit easier to follow, as it is bigger than a wallaby but smaller than a kangaroo. They are all part of the kangaroo family, but the different names quickly describe what size animal is being observed (babies notwithstanding). The one pictured above was headed toward the watering hole at Simpson's gap, but decided to wait until humans vacated the area. Simpson's Gap is in the West MacDonnell mountain range to the west of Alice Springs. By Pacific Northwest standards the West MacDonnells are hills, but for this otherwise flat part of Australia, they are quite spectacular. What makes them particularly unique is that they are shaped like a caterpillar, and appropriately are referred to by the Aborigines as the "caterpillar dreaming". We visited Simpson's gap on January 19. Randy

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