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2008-01-23 Burrungguy region of Kakadu National Park

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The Linfield mob on Nourlangie Rock

Here we are on Nourlangie Rock, in the Burrungguy region of Kakadu National Park. We had to climb a fair bit in the heat to get there, but were rewarded with some stunning views. We proceeded from there to hike through the bush to the rock art mentioned in another entry. It is currently the wet season in Kakadu, so rivers are overflowing and everything is lush and green. We arrived about a week after a monsoon struck the area, but the high waters and downed trees confirmed that a major weather event had passed through the area. We experienced a couple of significant thunderstorms while in Kakadu (significant for us, regular daily occurrences for the locals), and it didn't take long to be soaking wet. I should note, however, that soaking wet isn't so bad when the temperature is in the 90s and above. We visited Nourlangie Rock on January 14. Randy

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