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2008-01-23 Visit to a "Cave Home" in Xi'an

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Cave home entrance

Visiting China has not only been an incredible experience, but it has allowed me to see how advanced we are in the United States when comparing health care systems. In all but the highest-level (level three) hospitals in Xian, the majority lack the technological equipment needed to make precise medical diagnoses. One cannot help but appreciate how different our health care system is with regard to nurses workloads. In China the nurses do not have CNAs or any other assistants. All of the chores, both patient and non-patient oriented, are the responsibility of the nurse. Tomorrow I look forward to seeing the hospital in Hangzhou, one I am told has received new testing equipment, such as an MRI. We were fortunate enough to visit the suburbs in Xian, away from the normal tourist areas, to see how the poor people live. When we visited the cave houses, carved into a dirt hill, I could see that many of the residents lacked proper medical and dental care. Now that we are half way through our trip, I feel a bit of sadness that we will soon be leaving the wonderful people of China. It has been so much fun to speak Mandarin, such as Ni hao (hello), or bu yao (dont want), and have the people of China start carrying on a conversation with me because they think I can speak their language. Our guide, Dingding, has been wonderful. Most of the Chinese we have met are very gracious and helpful, living up to my idea of a gentle, family-oriented people. Anne Prantl

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