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Journals from NUR 398 Health Care in China

2008-01-13 Our beginnings....

Ni hao (hello) from China!!! The second day were were here we went to the Temple of Heaven in the middle of the city. It was absolutly gorgeous and HUGE! It is the largest Temple in China, we were told. There were so many people there. We were told that it is a common place where the older people go every morning to exercise and dance. We saw people playing cards, dancing, singing, hacky-sacking, jumping rope, EVERYTHING! They all looked so happy and seemed like they were having sooo much fun! We also went to a traditional Chinese dinner. Now we had dinner last night and lunch this morning that was Chinese but this was different. It was this noodle thing and the noodles were so good. You add a paste to it which is just soy sauce and pork that is made into a paste. We also had bananas that had brown sugar melted over the top of them. They were great. The food here is AMAZING!--nothing like the Chinese food in America. It's so much healthier and not cooked in grease and grime and stuff. I don't think I will be able to eat that when I come home after I have been spoiled with this goodness. Then we went to a market place. Its funny to see common stuff that we have in America written in Chinese. We kept trying to guess what everything was. It was weird, though, because they had Lays potato chips but in flavors such as Prawn, BBQ pork, tomato and chicken...very interesting, I know. So far everything has been amazing! Its VERRRYYY cold, though, but we are all bundled up nicely. We are all looking forward to the rest of the trips and the fantastic time and memories to come! Bye for now from China

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