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Journals from NUR 398 Health Care in China

2008-01-13 We are HEROES!

Today was a long hard day with an early morning with a wake-up call at 5:45. After an 1 1/2 bus ride we arrived at Nankou hospital, a rural hospital on the outskirts of Beijing. There we were greeted by the director of the hospital. He gave a brief introducion of the hospital followed by a question and answer session. The director also demonstrated a form of ti chi for us. All the while we were continuoully being served warm fragrent tea. We finished our vist with a tour of both the "TCM" (traditional Chinese Medicine) and inpatient units. We were quickly escorted back onto the bus where we were taken to a preserved portion of the GREAT WALL! This one-hour hike was the climb of our lives filled with uneven stairs and a steep incline. Though it was below freezing, we were quickly removing our many layers. Most of the group successfully made it to the top and according to our tour guide Rachel (Ding Ding is her Chinese/real name) we became heroes. Again it was back to the bus for a jam-packed afternoon full of a tour of a jade factory and cloisonn (a kind of pottery). We also had the opportunity to visit the beautiful and historical Ming tombs on a sacred road. Our day was completed with an urban building several stories high, where we were served a delicous and nutricious meal. So far we have been very busy, packing in as much as we can in what seem to be our shrinking days. We have seen the Peking Opera and climbed the Great Wall. All we have left to do (according to Rachel) is eat Peking roast duck and we will become the experts of China! Lots of love from across the ocean, Jenny and Erica

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