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Journals from NUR 398 Health Care in China

2008-01-12 A Day in Beijing

We started off the day at Tian'anmen Square, one of the most popular sites in Beijing, China. We were easily spotted as American and many of the girls in our group were asked to take photos with the Chinese people. We then went into the Forbidden City, which was larger than I think most of us imagined it to be. The Forbidden City is where the Emperors lived in ancient times and it was very interesting to see. In the afternoon, we visited a traditional Chinese Medicine pharmacy. We had an introduction from a doctor and then a team of doctors came in to give us all a free consultation. What they do is just check your pulse by feeling both wrists with three fingers. Each finger that they feel with and the place of the pulse corresponds with a different body part, for example the lungs, liver or stomach. They then usually ask to see your tongue and will ask you health questions like about your parents. From that, they make a suggestion. For example, they might say that you have too much heat in your body and your liver function is low so you need to lose weight and eat more vegetables. It was facinating what they could learn from just a few observations. Later in the evening, we all enjoyed the traditional Chinese opera. It is much different from the operas in America, but still entertaining. We watched the characters put on their makeup and then sat for the performance. The costumes and makeup were fabulous. The actors and actresses sang, acted and even performed some gynmastics and acrobatics! It was really a fun evening! There are many more fun activities to see and do from here!!

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