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Journals from Aboriginal and Environmental Economics of Australia

2008-01-09 Arrival in Sydney

G'day and greetings from hot and humid Sydney, Australia! After a long *day* of travel that began Monday morning, we arrived safely in Sydney on Wednesday at 8am (crossing the international date line cost us January 8th this year). After reaching the hotel and freshening up a bit, we departed on the infamous "forced march" to get oriented and acclimated, and to keep us from dozing off too early. We ventured from our hotel near beautiful Hyde Park to the world-famous Sydney Opera House. After a little while and a few photos in the main tourist area of Sydney, we stopped for lunch and returned to the hotel to check in. The students took off to explore; I busied myself with contacting home and other leader-type duties, until finally hitting the pillow (and dreamland shortly thereafter) around 9am. The first day coming to Australia ends up being about 40 hours long, so while there is great pleasure in seeing a beautiful city in a great country, much energy is spent surviving the experience. Except for a bit of lost luggage, we seem to have come through it all quite well. Future entries should be more exciting as we actually get out into the bush, and hopefully we'll have some pictures to liven up the journal. I hope all is well back home or wherever you may be reading this. Randy Grant

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