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2014-08-24 Will Always Be Drawn Towards Magnetic Island

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Palm trees and ocean waves at Pallarenda beach

Hello again,

Can you believe it has been a little more than a month that has passed since Maddy and I ventured to this unfamiliar and amazing place? Because I cannot. 

Last weekend was probably the best one I have experienced in Australia. James Cook University provided a deal for students: A weekend trip to Magnetic Island! This included a free breakfast and dinner voucher, one free drink, snorkelling gear, and access to the Full Moon Party (which occurs every month). My friend and I took a ferry to Magnetic (“Maggie”) Island, which was around 25 minutes. That day was the first time I have seen rain! When we got there on Friday, it was late afternoon, so we got settled into our accommodation hostel (which I shared with 7 other people) and then got ready for the Full Moon Party. This month was safari themed, so there were lots of costumes: onesies that looked like animals, camouflage, cheetah print and Hawaiian shirts, etc. It was fun to meet lots of new people! 

The next day my friends and I woke up, ate some “brekky”, and then headed off to explore the island. On the way there, we got a phone call from Trevor (the man I have mentioned in earlier posts), who was already at Magnetic Island with his wife Sharon, asking if we wanted to ride the jet ski. Of course, we accepted! We got to circle Maggie Island on the glass-smooth water. While jet skiing, Trevor told me about a place where you can feed wild wallabies carrots and watermelon, so we decided that was our next destination. Feeding the wallabies was amazing! They came right up to us (from the rocks, where they live) and took the carrots and watermelon right from our hands.

Last day on Magnetic Island! We already did so much, and continued to do more on our last day. We explored the bays of Magnetic island, and on the way met some hikers. They were from America but have been living in Melbourne for a few years now. One was doing research toward his major: neuroscience. We spent a good chunk of our day with them, exploring the fort walks. It was great meeting them! Perfect end to a perfect weekend. Now we are starting to plan a trip to Cairns next weekend! Keep you posted on that. 

School is still not too stressful. I have written a couple papers, and have loved all my classes. 

Homesickness has crept on me only at random moments during the day. I keep myself busy, but it does hit me at times. Especially seeing pictures of people arriving at Linfield again for fall semester of school! 

Time has gone so fast and I don't want it to end. Enjoying every moment with an open mind!

Good luck to students starting fall semester at Linfield. Until next time,


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