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2014-08-18 Days without Technologie

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We are multitasking by hiking on a beautiful to cleaning the earth by picking up the trash.

     Can a person think of the last time they spent a day without checking their twitter, pinterest, facebook, snapchat, and social networking website? These days, people are checking for new updates on their internet accounts to find out what is new or what is happening online. This leads to the question: what would people do if they lost connection to the internet? Would they panic and think the world is ending because their link to the digital world has been severed? Or would they try something else? These kinds of questions were answered during the trip in Dorfgastein for the Vienna Linfield students. 
It was a cool Wednesday when it happened. The first thing that we did was relatively normal: we got out our electronics to surf the web. We pressed or clicked the internet access button. We waited for the screen to load from wherever we left off. Then suddenly, something terrible happened. We received a notice that the internet connection is down and that we are stranded from the one way to communicate with our friends and family. From my point of view, I did panic because I thought, “ How am I going to post pictures or write blogs for Linfield if I have no internet connection?” It did scare me. I know that the other members of our group wanted the internet access so they could notify to their friends and families that they were fine. However, with the internet down, what were we supposed to do?
The answer was simple: Go outside. We went outside to go grocery shopping, walking around the village, and taking classes on speaking German. We also did a lot of big activities as well. For instance, on Thursday, we went to Hofbadgastein to visit their spa. The day after that, we went hiking in the Alps. We enjoyed the nature of the place. We tried different kinds of food. The day after that was the same, except that we came into direct contact with wild cows, while hiking down another mountain. We even did some community service by picking up trash on the sides of the hiking trail. All in all, since last Tuesday, we have had an exciting week. We got the chance to do so much and we took it. None of this would have happened if we had had internet connection and kept checking up on our iPhones, iPads, or such. When you go abroad, this is a small piece but a very important piece of advice: go outside.
That is all I have for now. Truce!

Jade Boyd 

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