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2014-06-15 Norway Bound

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Conquering Kjeragbolten

            Ever since I received my acceptance letter in the mail to study abroad, "Norway Bound" was my mantra. It is what helped fuel my many study sessions that extended late into the night. As I wrapped up my pre-nursing courses at Linfield the notion that was going abroad was great motivation. Through my journey the meaning of the phrase has evolved. Though I am now home in the US, there is a part of me that will always be Norway bound. Not as a destination, but as a connection to the life I leave behind. I am bound to the people and the places I spent 5 months with; the countless memories, friendships, new experiences, and gorgeous landscapes. These are things I hope to never forget.

            My last two weeks in Norway could not have been better. After saying goodbye to all my international friends in Bø, I set off. I was destined for the west coast of Norway, known for its rain, but unbelievably none fell the entire time I was there. For 5 days I was camping on top of the Lysefjord near the Kjeragbolten (see picture). It was the most breathtaking hike I have ever taken. One of my dreams was to reach Kjerag. It was one of the first images I saw when researching Norway. The fjord was more than I imagined with its sheer rock walls down to the water. Certain areas were still covered in snow. On the second to last day I was there I was able to watch two groups of base jumpers daringly dive off the top to a small island down below. Before and after the fjord I stayed in the towns Stavanger and Bergen; coastal towns with loads of character.

            If you have any questions about my time in Norway, please feel free to contact me! I have many stories and pictures. It is most important to make your experience abroad your own and take every opportunity you can.


Best Regards,

Nicole Kachel

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