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2014-06-04 Exams, Islands, and Turtles, Oh My!

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Where sand, rainforest, and sea intersect! This beach scene can't be beat! It will definitely be different to come back to the rocky Oregon coast, but both places are lovely and worthy of appreciation!

 My time here is coming to a close. I have begun to reflect upon my experiences and how these have impacted my life and what this cultural interface has taught me. Granted, I am still in an English-speaking country. I am still surrounded by comfort, in a wealthy country. However, it is undeniable that these experiences I’ve had are unique to Australia. It is undeniable that I’ve grown more independent, more confident, and the exposure to countless cultures from around the world has changed my perspective on life. I’ll expand more on my thoughts and reflections in my final blog post, though.

For now, let’s talk about adventure! Tomorrow, bright and early, fellow Linfield student Maile, our Australian friend Jess, and I are venturing into the city to catch a ferry heading towards Fitzroy Island. I am unbelievably excited for this trip, as I feel it will be one of my last hurrahs here in Australia. Earlier, at the very beginning of the semester, we visited Green Island. It was my first experience snorkeling, and I loved it! However, after talking to a travel agent and many of my peers, it was clear that Fitzroy is certain to be more stunning than Green Island. If I thought Green Island was beautiful, then I’m definitely in for a treat! Apparently, upon arriving by boat, the sights that greet you are just like you see in the pictures. What is really interesting is that on this island, they have a turtle rehabilitation center, where they help injured turtles and restore them to health. I really wish I had learned about this earlier, because you can volunteer at this center! So to future study abroad students, check into that!! It’s certain to be an invaluable experience.

One of my goals that I told myself I couldn’t leave Australia without accomplishing is to swim with turtles. Many people swam with them at Green Island, but apparently I was in the wrong place, because I didn’t see any! So folks, let’s hope that this weekend brings an experience that I can check off the ol’ bucket list!!

Of course, the dreaded finals are coming up next Tuesday and Wednesday as well! As stated in previous posts, these exam schedules are different for everyone. Some people even have exams on Saturday (the horror!). I look forward to next Wednesday, when I can enjoy my last ten days in Australia with absolutely zero stress or responsibilities! However, I am very thankful that I’ve gotten the opportunity to study at such a wonderful university, in the most gorgeous environment.


More to come later.

Until next time,


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