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2014-04-06 Akaroa Adventures

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Akaroa Harbor from opposite side

Last weekend I went to Akaroa with three of my friends. Akaroa was the only French Settlement in New Zealand. It is an adorable little harbor town, the street names are all in French and the architecture is definitely more French than British. It is only 75 km away from Christchurch, but it took us more than an hour and half to get there. Banks Peninsula, the little bump halfway down the South Island if you look at a map, was formed from volcanoes, so the road goes up and over several of the extinct craters. There was also a bike race from Christchurch to Akaroa that weekend so we had to wait for cyclists to climb the hills. I applaud them--those were insane hills. I will be investing in some Dramamine. I do not think Kiwis believe in straight roads, and I don’t want to be miserable every car trip. This weekend camping trip was a good practice run for our North Island road trip in a couple of weeks. We reserved the wrong campsite, and ended up the only tent in the middle of lots of campervans. We also forgot plates. Oops. We improvised with pot lids and just eating straight out of the pot. Haha. New Zealand knows how to do fish and chips incredibly well, and we ate at the best fish and chips in the country! The views of the harbor were absolutely phenomenal. Have I said how much I love New Zealand yet?

This weekend was the first weekend where I didn’t go adventuring. I was holed up in my room doing, or rather attempting to do, homework--the first homework assignments of the semester for three of my classes, and they are all due on Friday. They vary from 25%-40% of my total grade. They are not hard assignments at all; it is just making myself sit down and do the work after not doing a whole lot this term. I think I might have left my motivation in the States… This week is the halfway point for the classes (six weeks). We have one more week and then a three-week break. Usually the mid-semester break is only two weeks, but Easter is late this year and is close to ANZAC day (the day that New Zealand and Aussie soldiers landed in Gallipoli during WWI) so we get three weeks off. Works for me--Hobbiton here I come! Well I should probably go work on some homework. I just checked, and my philosophy paper hasn’t been writing itself… 

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