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2014-03-24 Saint Patrick's Day 2014

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Galway Parade


This last week, I had the opportunity to experience Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland! The streets of Galway were lively and filled with students, tourists, and locals. There is always music and entertainment on Shop Street, but I have never seen and heard as much live entertainment as I did on this holiday. The main event of the day was the Galway parade! The parade had an array of different floats and groups represented. One group in particular was a children’s after-school music program and all of the children were playing a tune on the tin whistle. I immediately recognized the instrument, as several Linfield students are learning how to play the tin whistle through an Indigenous Art class as NUIG.

I also learned that Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated more by foreigners than people in Ireland. In Ireland, this holiday is a day where families get together and have a nice dinner – similar to Thanksgiving in the United States. However, all of the exchange students in Galway had fun celebrating it nonetheless!

There are only two weeks of class left before a study week and Easter break. Personally, I am trying to get all of my essays done by early April so I can have the rest of the semester to travel. I just booked a trip to Italy and I am very excited!

It is easy to get excited about visiting countries outside of Ireland, but I am making sure that I enjoy every moment I have here because it is going by very fast.

Jenna Elkjer

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