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Journals from National University in Galway, Ireland

2014-03-12 A Week in Barcelona and More About Galway!

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The Sagrada Familia, Spain


Wow – what a week! I spent the last few days exploring Barcelona and surrounding towns with a friend I met up with from a different abroad program. We had a great time going into cathedrals, seeing the Sagrada Familia, and trying all the delicious new food. Every morning we would go to a local market and walk away very full!

            I am now back in Galway, and I have to say that I missed this place after only being gone a week! Classes at NUIG are wrapping up and we are quickly approaching finals. I know that several students are planning on traveling around Europe after finals, either with other Linfield students or families. I plan on doing some more traveling myself after I complete all my work at the school.

            Along with attending class, students are required to volunteer in the local community. The ALIVE program at NUIG is a great way to find opportunities! Starting next week, I will be teaching basic computer skills to elderly locals who want to learn how to use the Internet. The volunteer component of our study abroad program is a very effective way to get students to put themselves out there.

            As for life in Galway, I, along with friends that I have made from the program, try out a new coffee shop every Friday! We don’t have classes on Fridays, so it is a great way to explore all the side streets. I have come to realize that some of the simplest activities are my favorite – like drinking different flavors of coffee in Galway! Maybe it is the Pacific Northwest coming out of all of us.

            The skies have been blue and overall it seems that students are enjoying themselves in this city.


Jenna Elkjer

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