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Journals from Jan Term 2014 - NURS 398 Traditional and Modern Healthcare in SE Asia

2014-02-03 Kuraburi Hospital

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Kuraburi Hospital Emergency Room

Today we visited a community hospital in Kuraburi (about a 2-hour drive from Phuket). Right away we were greeted by two nurses and the hospital director who also serves as a doctor on staff. This particular hospital is funded by the government to serve the surrounding 30,000 community members who are native Thais and Burmese immigrants. The community hospital has an obstetrics department, emergency room, physical therapy section, an inpatient department with 30 beds, a familly care unit, a dentist office, a clinic for chronic diseases, and a Thai massage clinic. They reported that they see multiple vehicle accidents per day, many patients for diabetes and hypertension, and around 100 patients per day between the ER and clinic. The one unit this hospital is missing is an ICU or Intensive Care Unit. The closest hospital which can treat more severe cases is the district hospital about 50km away. So if a patient came in with some head trauma or a stroke, the patient would receive basic immediate treatment at the Kuraburi Hospital, but would need to be transferred via an ambulance to the district hospital. Since this hospital is funded by the government, the staff explained that they don't get paid as well as privately funded hospital staff. We asked why they stay there and one nurse shared that she feels that she is making this particular community healthier and that's what makes her happy. Both nurses were so sweet and sincere that there's no doubt they love what they do. Our tour of the facility ended wth two students receiving a short Thai massage. One thing is for certain: the Thai are incredible when it comes to hospitality!



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