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Journals from Jan Term 2014 - NURS 398 Traditional and Modern Healthcare in SE Asia

2014-02-02 Dessert and Palm Roof

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Palm Roof

While at the Muslim family homestay, we were taught a variety of skills. We learned how to make traditional roofing made from palm leaves. We wove them together onto a long peice of wood. None of us were very good at this. After a day of working on these peices of roof, they said they make around 100 baht when they sell them at the market.

We were also taught how to make a traditional Thai dessert. We shaved fresh coconut into a mixture of rice flour, water, and palm sugar. The sticky substance was then dropped into a palm leaf. Then, we wrapped them up and pinned them with toothpick like wooden-stick. The men of the family then put them on the grill and served them to us after a few minutes. They were so good! A yummy coconut, sticky blob. Yum!



Brianna Neufeldt

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