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Journals from Jan Term 2014 - NURS 398 Traditional and Modern Healthcare in SE Asia

2014-02-02 Malaria Clinic

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Malaria Clinic Director

 Hello friends!

Today we had the opportunity to visit a malaria clinic in Umphang, an area near the Burmese border with high incidence rates of malaria. We spent the morning learning from the clinic director how serious of an issue malaria is for the Burmese people living in Thailand. Malaria is a life threatening disease with interesting flu-like symptoms that come and go, multiple times in 24-72 hour cycles. The severity of the illness and length of treatment depends on the type of malaria the person is infected with. If left untreated, both types lead to death. Once someone learns they are infected they must return to the clinic every day for medication. They are not allowed to take the medication home because if a super (malaria) bug developed resistance to the medication currently in use, another, stronger medication would not be available. This could lead to higher rates of casualties due to malaria; this is why this medication is so tightly controlled. 

The clinic would be a great place to return to volunteer at. They see patients at their clinic, go out into the community to test local villages, and teach basic ways to avoid becoming infected. It was a fascinating experience and taught us much about the deadly parasite. 
Isaac Hainley

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