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2014-01-30 Let the Adventures Begin.

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The beginning of the hike in Connemara.


A lot has happened since my last journal entry! All of the international students have registered for classes and several of us have already explored a nearby city. Last weekend I was able to “pop” on a train and go to Limerick with a few others from my program. It was a little strange at first because we did not know the layout of the city and what places we wanted to see. Also, simply not knowing anyone was hard! We quickly were able to figure out how to get around the city and eventually we found some great places. We were able to see two cathedrals and we toured Saint John’s Castle! Overall the whole day was great -  not to mention the delicious food at the markets. I definitely recommend that current and future students take the opportunity to see areas outside of Galway.

The clubs and societies have started up and I was able to hike in Connemara a few weekends ago. There were no trails and we were literally climbing a mountain! It was close to the hardest thing I have ever done, but I am glad I was able to see some of the countryside despite the rain and snow.

It is easy to get caught up in traveling and planning future trips when studying abroad because there is so much to see. However, the workload here at NUIG is lighter compared to Linfield. It is really fun taking Irish classes that I would not be able to take back home and being at a large school is a great way to study new topics. I saved many of my Linfield Curriculum credits for abroad and I am glad I did because it allows me to take classes that are completely new to me.

I have also been meeting more people, and several of them are from the United States. There is no blending in with the Irish students, as we are all easily identified as the American exchange students!

Jenna Elkjer

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