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Journals from Jan Term 2014 - NURS 398 Traditional and Modern Healthcare in SE Asia

2014-01-12 Slums of Thailand

Hello from Thailand!!

Sorry it has taken so long for us to get our first post out; we’ve been extremely busy getting into all sorts of shenanigans! This post was supposed to be up for the 10th, but as I said, it’s been busy. So far our stay in Thailand has been such a fun experience, but we have also been able to see a more serious side of the country as well. Today we spent our time in one of the poorest parts of the entire country, the slums of Bangkok. We started our day with a short bus trip to one of the headquarters of the Foundation for Slum Child Care, an organization created to help improve the quality of life for babies and young children in the slums of Bangkok. We started out with a tour through a small portion of the slums, to get a better idea of the conditions and the standard of living for the people there. Walking through rows and rows of shanty houses made of scraps of metal, and whatever else people can find, and avoiding the large amounts of waste and trash in the streets and canals, was a pretty eye-opening experience. It really made us appreciate where we live, and that we all come from good homes, and families. After our tour through the slums, we continued on to the foundation’s school for children from the slums. The school teaches children from the ages 2 to 18, and helps them learn different skills that they need for everyday life, as well as giving them a general education. We spent our time with the children from the ages 2 to 5; we got to see their classroom settings and let them teach us how to count to 10 in Thai! After our visit with the children we spent more time learning about the slums, its people, and the efforts of the organization. The trip to the slums was a pretty shocking event for us, and everyone agreed that it was a very moving and emotional day to see the quality of life these people were living.

Well that’s all for now from Thailand; can’t wait to update people on our next adventure!

Risa Pierce

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