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Journals from - 2014 Sevilla/Alicante, Spain

2014-01-09 Take Two: Alicante

I spent 3 weeks away from Spain. I had every intention of traveling Europe, but instead I found myself settling down in a house on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany. While traveling is my one true love in life, I did find something else good for the soul—a home filled with new friends.


My 3 weeks away Spain actually had a profound effect on me. I am sure most people have already figured this out, but hey, I am still learning this whole “adventure” thing. What I learned is this: it is not the place, but the people, that make the adventure. So, I didn’t travel all over Europe, but I did find a group of some of the most amazing, caring, and fun-loving people that I have ever encountered. With them, Germany was an adventure in and of itself. I traveled all around the south of Germany to visit castles and churches, tried some beer, but in reality, I think I really found a second home nestled just outside of the Alps.


With my new found appreciation of the effect people can have, I enter into the 2nd chapter of my Spanish adventure: Alicante. Already I love this city more than I can really explain. The streets are bigger here than they are in Sevilla and the air is salty and fresh. Sevilla was completely flat... I don’t ever remember walking up any type of hill there, but here? This entire place is a constant up and down, and I love it. In many ways it reminds me of Las Vegas (maybe a little homesick?)—it’s probably the abundance of palm trees and the nice, crisp winter sun. Apart from the city, which I am getting to know more and more every day, I also have the wonderful opportunity to befriend a whole new group of Spanish Studies Abroad students. The first group was such a success that I have no fear that we will all soon band together to form the perfect Spanish dream team.


Like I said, it’s not the place, but the people that make the adventure. So here is to a new semester, a new place, new stories, and more importantly, to new friends. 

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